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Suffer from massive hair loss? Want to prevent alopecia? There is an effective drug called Propecia. Propecia is a drug used to treat pattern baldness in men. This is the medicine to both prevent alopecia and promote hair growth in the affected areas. The drug is only prescribed against one form of baldness, which is androgenetic, since the nature of other forms of alopecia is somewhat different and the cure will turn ineffective. Mode of Action Androgenetic alopecia is characterized by the lack of testosterone in a male body.Where to buy Propecia. With the sex hormone transforming into a more active form - dihydrotestosterone, hair follicles are affected. Can you buy propecia. This leads to the death and falling out of hair. Finasteride (main active component of Propecia) helps to block the influence of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, place an order propecia online and without prescription which is actively involved in metabolism of a male hormone dihydrotestosterone.Buy Cheap Propecia Online without prescription - Information about Cheap Propecia Online. Thus, hair follicles are being restored, while the process of hair growth is launched again. Usage and Dosage For most men, the optimal daily dose is one Propecia 1 mg pill. The use of higher doses is possible, but in individual cases, where this will be of particular benefit. Generally, administration of more than one Propecia 1 mg pill per day causes no improved effect. The drug is to be taken for a long time (up to 1 year). Buy propecia FDA Approved Pharmacy. FREE SHIPING! The first results appear in already 3-4 months, while the treatment must be continued. Precautions for Use Finasteride is contraindicated for use in women and children, since the drug contains a large amount of male sex hormones, which in turn can affect endocrine profile. Propecia causes no physical addiction and severe side effects. Though, if you notice an allergic reaction when using the drug, seek help from your doctor.

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